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What is a Boat Party?

What is a Boat Party? A Boat Party is probably one of the most popular parties in Ibiza at the moment. The reason is simple, such popularity is that it is one of the most original, refreshing and fun parties to celebrate your Bachelor or Hen Party with friends. But, do you know exactly what ...
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Nights Ibiza

Nights Ibiza The island of Ibiza has a very intense past. A past full of historical moments. From its Roman domination, power struggles against the Carthaginians and many battles on their backs. Including the conquest between the kingdoms of Tarragona, Portugal and the King of Aaragon. All this ...
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IBIZA THE BEST VACACTION CITY Staying here in an Internet Cafe in Cala Llonga on the east side of the island. We went through around 2 hours in Ibiza today, me simply touring, moving up to the fortification and taking pictures, Theresa at long last completing her keepsake shopping. >From ...
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